Tulip Festival/Birthday/Easter

This year, Micah’s birthday and Easter fell really close together. Close enough that I’m pretty sure he had a sugar hangover for the following week, and sometimes when the fits are really bad (bedtime last night), I still blame it on that weekend.

Dan’s parents were in town and even though it was a hectic weekend, we got really cute pictures of our kids. Worth it.

Friday, we went to the Tulip Festival which is always so beautiful. I thought I would try to be ‘cute’ and wear a denim jacket. Bad decision. The weather was awful when we got there and I was freezing. Micah took command of the stroller, which left Sophia stomping around in mud puddles. She was pretty happy about that.

Oh man. He needs a haircut, but looks at that cuteness. And the tulip fields look fake. So dreamy. 

Then this girl.. for every smile her brother hates to give in pictures, she’ll give one twice the size. I love their different personalities so much.

After the tulip festival, was Micah’s birthday. I really didn’t feel like hosting a huge party at our house (mainly cleaning..) so we just went mini golfing that day! Luckily it was beautiful weather. We did mini-golf, and cupcakes in the side lawn area nearby. I’m not sure if that was allowed, but we did it and aren’t in trouble. Score.

I didn’t get many good pictures because I was trying to stop Sophia from diving into the water next to hole 8. Also, I am still learning to take my camera out in fun situations. Micah and his friends sprinted through the whole course about 3 times. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone get so sweaty from mini-golf. That’s my boy.

Here’s the one picture that I did get at the actual party. (I know, it’s not of Micah, and it was Micah’s birthday.. but look at this girl. Baby loves her sweets.)

My brother and his wife got Micah a “Fixer Upper Demo Day Kit”. Can we just talk about how cute that is? Micah has a weird obsession with Fixer Upper (not so weird, actually awesome). Especially with Demo-Day. So they got him this cute play tool belt and tools, which he proceeded to carry around all day. With that smile. 

On Easter Sunday, we worked in the nursery at church and then had a super low stress dinner at our house with Dan’s family and my mom and sister. One day I might get around to doing a cute tablescape and menu plan and decor for Easter. We’ll see.

The Easter egg hunt was by far the cutest thing that happened that day. Sophia was determined to get every egg she could find, while Micah was more concerned with opening/trying to eat the eggs he had already found.

You can really see Soph’s determination here, and Micah’s joy about the amount of candy that’s about to be consumed.

We had a great weekend with our family and friends, even though it was super busy. Part of the reason I started this blog was to document weekends like this, and challenge myself to get to know and use my camera more. So hopefully these posts will improve over time and everyone can see more pictures of these little babes.

What are your tips for getting quality pictures of crazy kids?


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