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It’s October 27th, which means Christmas is almost two months away. WHAT. This last summer has honestly flown by. Probably because we were in survival mode with a newborn, but now we are out of that. And just in time for my FAVORITE time of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. AH.

In preparation for the holiday season, I’m throwing together a few gift guides. To help you, but also to help me keep all my ideas in one spot. I will probably be shopping off of my own gift guides, because that’s just how I roll.

This one is geared for the toddlers and preschoolers in your life. They seem to be pretty easy to please. My four year old asked for candy for Christmas. That’s it.. I’m not prepared for the next phase of life. One of my friends has a nine year old that asked for a 40″ TV.. we’ll stick with candy for now.

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Boogie BoardToddler Gift Guide | Boogie Board |

Every time we travel, I am so tempted to get my kids a tablet (like this Kindle Fire) because they are so cheap, and convenient, and I know they’ll keep my kids distracted. I just can’t bring myself to do it though. I traveled all through my childhood without a tablet, so I figure my kids will survive. But this.. this guys… is awesome. My mom has one on her fridge just to jot down grocery items, but you could use it for anything. You can draw with it and with a click of a button, your drawing is gone. Keeps my four year old entertained for hours. It also kind of looks like a tablet, so they feel pretty cool.

Strider Bike

Toddler Gift Guide | Strider Bike |

I love toys that encourage physical play, and at the same time give my kids a sense of independence. This bike is perfect for that. It doesn’t have pedals, so younger kids who don’t quite have the coordination to make the pedaling motion can still scoot around on it, and when the kid gets older they can glide through the neighborhood. (Don’t forget a helmet.)


Toddler Gift Guide | Magna Tiles |

My kids love building, but my two year old can’t really figure out the LEGO thing yet. These Magna-Tiles are a perfect alternative, because helloo.. magnets! Little hands will be able to easily build and build to their heart’s desire. This type of thing keeps my kids occupied for a really long time. Which is a win-win. They’re getting some good tactile play in, while I’m enjoying my coffee in peace.

Lego Creatives

Toddler Gift Guide | Lego |

My daughter will love the Magna-Tiles, but my son is all about LEGO. He’s almost five, so it’s really just the beginning. I’m planning on eventually making him a cute little LEGO table (check out the tutorial here), so I want to get some good generic blocks to fill it with. I like the generic sets because it really encourages imagination, but here are some good sets for this age group as well.

Police | Cupcake Cafe | Shark Attack

A Cat in a Purse

Toddler Gift Guide | Gifts for Girls| saneathomemom.comI’m not sure why my daughter has such a thing for animals in purses, but she does. It’s a thing beyond just Paris Hilton, apparently. These are inexpensive, pretty cute, and two toys in one. Sometimes our purse gets used as a doctor bag by our son too. So really, the possibilities are endless here. My daughter loves cats, but we also have seen horses in purses, dogs in purses, and I’m sure there are many more options. My list just didn’t feel complete without some form of stuffed animal.

Camping Chair

I would have never thought to get one of these unless we were going camping with our kids (we have done this once. And we will not do it again.. at least for a couple of years), but we got one as a birthday gift for Sophia and it is a HIT.

Stocking Stuffers

My favorite places to get stocking stuffers are the Dollar Spot at Target, and the Dollar Store. Mostly because I can just grab these things each time I’m out. However, if you are way more organized and into stockings, here’s a little list of some of our favorite little things to shove in a stocking.

Hand Pointers
Crayons (<- these are perfect for little hands; they don’t break!)
Letter Magnets
Flash Cards
Bathtub Crayons
Training Chopsticks
Rubber Stamps
Tool Fork and Spoon

What is on your Christmas list for your toddler or preschooler this year? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for even more great gift ideas.

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