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Running with Three Kids

I have recently discovered a true¬†love for running. Three years ago, I would have thought today would never come. Ten years ago, the thought of running more than three laps around the cheer mat made me want to cry. Or actually.. it did make me cry. I don’t think anyone who knew me in high school would think that I…

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My First Postpartum Race | Runaway Pumpkin 8k Recap |
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Runaway Pumpkin Recap

  Today at four months postpartum, I ran an 8k. This isn’t a huge distance; just under five miles. I set a goal for myself to do it in under ten-minute miles, and a secondary goal to do it in under an hour. I was ambitious about getting into shape after having Elise and determined to run a manageable race…

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Postpartum return to running - the things that were different after baby! |
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The Postpartum Return to Running

I like to think of myself as a “relate-able runner”. You know, someone who has done a couple of half-marathons but it inspires you in a way that’s like “If she can do it, I can do it too!” After I had Sophia, I started training for a half-marathon as a means to get back into shape. It actually got…

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