Postpartum Hair Loss | New Confidence | Biblical Self Worth |
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Losing My Hair, Gaining New Confidence

So I am almost five months postpartum, and I feel like soon it will be hard to blame my horrible eating habits on nursing, or my extra fifteen pounds on “baby weight”. With this realization, I have started going to the gym more regularly, along with my running. (Read more about my first postpartum race HERE.) I have been feeling…

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Toddler Gift Guide | Preschooler Christmas Gift Guide |
Gifts, Motherhood

Toddler/Preschooler Gift Guide

  It’s October 27th, which means Christmas is almost two months away. WHAT. This last summer has honestly flown by. Probably because we were in survival mode with a newborn, but now we are out of that. And just in time for my FAVORITE time of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. AH. In preparation for the holiday season, I’m throwing together…

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My First Postpartum Race | Runaway Pumpkin 8k Recap |
Fitness, Lifestyle, Motherhood

Runaway Pumpkin Recap

  Today at four months postpartum, I ran an 8k. This isn’t a huge distance; just under five miles. I set a goal for myself to do it in under ten-minute miles, and a secondary goal to do it in under an hour. I was ambitious about getting into shape after having Elise and determined to run a manageable race…

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Benefits of All-Star Competitive Cheerleading |

I Hope My Daughters Are Cheerleaders

Okay, I feel like I should preface this with saying I don’t actually care if my daughters are cheerleaders. Of course I will encourage them in anything! (mostly) that they want to do. I just know a lot about cheerleading, and I think it’s really fun. Also there will be a lot of people that will probably be surprised if my daughters…

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Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, You are beautiful beyond comparison. I am biased I’ll be honest, but you really are. Beyond your crooked smile, scrunched nose, bright eyes, and long lashes, you are beautiful. You light up any room you are in and people are drawn to you. You are friendly and welcoming, offering a “FIVE” to anyone you meet. I pray you…

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Slime Gone Wrong - Life Lessons from a Bad Experience with Slime - Real Life |
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Hashtag Real Life

*This blog post contains affiliate links* I was soo ready to give you an awesome DISH SOAP SLIME! recipe in this blog post. A cute Pinterest printable, with awesome photos of my kids just loving life and playing with slime, because my kids always cooperate! PSYCH! Instead, you’re about to see the #reallife scenario with the slime that I researched, made, and…

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Postpartum return to running - the things that were different after baby! |
Fitness, Motherhood

The Postpartum Return to Running

I like to think of myself as a “relate-able runner”. You know, someone who has done a couple of half-marathons but it inspires you in a way that’s like “If she can do it, I can do it too!” After I had Sophia, I started training for a half-marathon as a means to get back into shape. It actually got…

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