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Friday Favorites

Happy weekend! I wrote this on Friday, but life happened and it’s not getting published until Saturday. #momlife

We’re still calling it Friday Favorites because I like alliteration and that’s the joy of running your own blog. This used to be called “Five Things Friday”, but sometimes I don’t have five things I want to write about, and sometimes I have way more… there are four this week and here they are!

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

YOU GUYS. This is the podcast that God knew my heart needed. I have listened to probably 5 of her normal “Happy Hours” and just about every “If You Only Knew” episode in the past week. I highly recommend this.

I have been listening to it during my runs, and it makes me not want to quit running. Great thing! I spend extra time in the car, I listen to it while doing the dishes. It is so encouraging and makes me feel completely normal. Ha! Honestly. I really feel like God is using it (especially the If You Only Knew series) to pull past and present issues up to the surface of my heart – not to shame me, but to help me deal with them. Maybe write about them. Talk about them, for sure.

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey | Podcast Review | Sane at Home Mom

I love them so much, I’ve even downloaded her audiobook on Audible – because I didn’t want to wait for the book to come in the mail, and her voice is just so friendly.

Go take a listen now! You will find someone you can relate to, and you will probably be holding back tears in public places.

Foam Rolling

Okay, so I have been running off and on for two years, and we own a foam roller – but until recently, I have never used it. Things have been going swimmingly with my training this time around until Monday, when I got this weird hip/knee/quad pain that I haven’t been able to figure out.

I texted my aunt today after my run (because she’s an awesome B.A. runner) and her first response was for me to foam roll. So I did. It didn’t heal me 100%, but it made me feel so much better! And, I felt like a totally legit “runner” which is always fun.

Blogging (Again!)

I’m not sure if it’s immersing myself in the stories I’m listening to on podcasts, or tapering my miles in preparation for the race, but I am feeling up to blogging again! I took about three months off, and it was so good for me, mentally.

I was able to focus on running, getting back in shape, loving on my kids, and more. I feel like I have a good routine to try and throw blogging back into the mix.

During my hiatus I unfollowed a ton of bloggers on Instagram, which was also really good and healthy for me. I have talked a little bit about Dan and I trying to get out of debt, and following so many beautiful people with beautiful homes and beautiful clothes was starting to make me really discontent with where we were at, and what I was able to spend my money on.

Unfollowing all of those beautiful people has made me realize how beautiful my own life is (in it’s own un-instagrammable way).

We are really dialed in on getting out of debt now, I am content, and feel mentally in a place that I can create quality content on a regular basis!

Run Fast Eat Slow

This cookbook from marathon runner Shalane Flanagan is SO FULL of recipes that can only be described as SO GOOD! I have made a ton of recipes from it now, and some of my favorites are Wildwood Hazelnuts, Recovery Quinoa Salad, Superhero Muffins and Fennel and Green Apple Salad.

Run Fast Eat Slow | Cookbook Review | Sane at Home Mom

Don’t let the name scare you off – this is not a cookbook just for runners. This cookbook is awesome for anyone trying to find ways to fit more healthy goodness and veggies into their diets. It has also challenged me to cook with things that I’ve never even heard off before – like spelt and teff.


Let me know what you are loving lately so I can check it out! Most of these things were recommendations from others, and they have grown to be some recent favorites!

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