Elise’s Birth Story!

The day after I published my last bump-date, I had my first contractions (which luckily were labor!) I guess God heard my prayers and was sick of my whining. Praise Him.

As I write this, my sweet newborn angel is sleeping on the guest bed right beside me and is two weeks old. To be honest, until I counted the days on the calendar, I still considered her about five days old. We can just pretend.

Elise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.comSiblings meeting Elise Naomi for the first time. They were really excited. Then Sophia found a metal bucket (for God knows what purpose) and liked that better. 

June 20

It was another normal day of waking up, Dan going to work, trying to entertain two crazy kids, etc. My siblings came over in the morning to hang out and they both left by about noon. Once I put Sophia down for a nap, I turned on a show for Micah and took a nap myself. I remember having contractions, but I just thought they were Braxton Hicks because they were really far apart, and there was no way I was going to have an early baby. Not when my other two were late!

Elise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.com

Daddy and his girl *swoon*.

I was sleeping while Micah was watching his show (what an angel that guy, letting me get in one last nap), and I had a contraction that actually woke me up. I still wasn’t too worried about it because they weren’t time-able. Dan came home from work at his normal time, and we had ravioli, garlic bread and eggplant Parmesan for dinner. (Leftovers from trying to kick start labor on my own. This eggplant Parmesan trick is a sham by the way.) I note this detail because I never want to eat eggplant again. Worst meal before labor ever.

Dan went on a run, and contractions started getting really bad. I texted our childcare options (my mom and my brother/his wife) and let them know that I would probably be calling one of them in the middle of the night. When Dan got back, we started packing our hospital bags (nothing like waiting until last minute!) and tried watching Better Call Saul. I couldn’t really pay attention through contractions so we tried watching The Office instead, to try and relax me. Dan was timing my contractions and when they were under five minutes apart, we told my brother and my sister-in-law to come over. I reread the guidelines for when to go to the hospital and we were about three minutes between contractions too late. Oops.

Elise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.com

When Logan and Brooklynn got to our house, we left pretty shortly after. As I was walking out to the car, I had a pretty intense contraction that had me leaning over the banister on our front deck. My brother stood there with the door open and just watched. Haha. Poor guy did not know what to do in this situation. He just stood there until it was over and then said “Are you alright?” And off to the hospital we went!Elise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.com

A picture of my two bigs that I got when I was in the hospital. Sophia is wearing all 6-12 month clothing here.. not quite ready to give up the title of baby I guess. 

When we got to the hospital, they hooked me up to the monitors because for some reason, even though I’ve had two other kids and am writhing in pain, they want to be sure I’m actually in labor. Honestly though, if they had told me to go back home I probably would have just begged for an induction. The back labor was intense. I tried to tough it out with no pain meds, because I was convinced I was having a natural labor and birth experience, but once they told me it would take 30-40 minutes for the anesthetist to get there for the epidural, I said SEND HIM OVER.

June 21

The anesthetist got there, and I got my epidural. I laid on my right side to help with the contractions until it kicked in, and all of the meds fell to the right side of my body. Please, if you are reading this, never make that mistake. I have made it with two of my kids now, and you can still feel all the pain in one half of your body while the other half is completely unable to move. (Thinking about it now, it’s actually hard not to laugh about it)

I could tell I kind of pissed the anesthetist off with my “rookie mistake” because he had to come back in to try and fix the dosage a couple of times. It was also about 1 am at this point. Bless his heart. I never fully got numb, so I felt most of the contractions until Elise was born. I was however, able to have some relief and space between contractions finally so I snuck in like 10 five minute naps.

When they checked me for the last time, they told me it was time to break my waters. Once they did, they told me to push two times for every contraction after that because SHE WAS READY. I had one contraction, pushed twice, and my girl was in the doctor’s arms. WHAT. Easiest baby ever, already.

Elise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.com
My 7lb15oz baby! Average, but my smallest by a pound and a half. 

The first time I held her, I just remember thinking “OH MY GOSH. She’s so small!” Both of my other kids were over nine pounds, and I could tell this was not a nine pounder. She cried so loud which was a welcome sound. (Sophia didn’t cry for a while, and they had to suck a bunch of fluid out of her throat.) They placed her on my chest for skin to skin, and after about 20 minutes, she got to nursing like a champ.

We stayed in the hospital for 48 hours because of group B strep, but she is and was as healthy as a hog. She didn’t even have to have a 2 week check up because she’s above birth weight. Hallelujah for not taking a newborn to a germ-infested doctor’s office more than necessary!

This girl has been a blessing to our family, and has completed us out (for now…?) in the best way possible. Her brother and sister are smitten with her and so are we!

Elise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.comElise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.com

We’re obviously still learning how to pose all three together. Ha. THEYRE SO CUTE THOUGH!

Elise's Birth Story - My plans changed and I got an epidural! | saneathomemom.com

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