Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

You are beautiful beyond comparison. I am biased I’ll be honest, but you really are. Beyond your crooked smile, scrunched nose, bright eyes, and long lashes, you are beautiful.

You light up any room you are in and people are drawn to you. You are friendly and welcoming, offering a “FIVE” to anyone you meet. I pray you never lose that quality. Kindness and an open heart will take you so far.

I remember when I found out you were going to be a DAUGHTER. I will admit a small piece of me mourned for Micah, that he wouldn’t have a brother, but I was so excited to have a girl. You were going to be my buddy, my mini-me and my little dancer. And you are all of the above. You love dancing, singing, having fun. You’re so joyful and I love that so much.

I pray you never lose your joy, and even when you feel like it’s gone (because it will feel that way) that you’re able to run to your Heavenly Father first, and then to me. That you will always feel like you have open arms to sink in to. Because you do. I will always be here for you. You are loved immensely.

Thank you for being born on this day, two years ago. You’ve only been here a short time, and you are entering the more difficult years of parenting, but I am excited. Excited to know you, get to know you, and reminisce on things together.

I pray you always feel loved. Not only on your birthday, but especially on “normal” days. Keep your wonder, your charm, your kindness, your curiosity. Work hard. Don’t let the haters get you down. Dance like nobody’s watching. Don’t be afraid to be cliche. (Hehe) Because the cliches work.

I love you, Sophia!

Happy Birthday to my kitty-loving, accessory-wearing, hungry all the time, girl who never fails to make every stranger smile!

You are so special!

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