Bumpdate – My Pregnancy at 32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks pregnant with this little girl today, and I haven’t taken more than a handful of bump photos. I haven’t posted any belly pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Some of my friends on Facebook didn’t even catch my first pregnancy announcement on Christmas. To be honest, I didn’t even really remember I was pregnant until the third trimester around Dan and I’s anniversary.

Since I began writing more frequently, I thought this would be a perfect place to do (probably inconsistent) pregnancy updates for the last two months — TWO MONTHS?! — of my pregnancy.

Name: We’re still not 100% decided on a name, but once we do decide we’ll probably keep it a secret anyways until she’s born… so mysterious.

How I’m Feeling: Anxious, excited, nervous – all of the things that come with being pregnant and adding a third child to the craziness of our home. Specifically this week though, I am feeling tired. I’m getting over a cold, and I pass out before 10 every single night. I feel like I should stop saying I feel tired though, because it’s turned into the new normal around here. My kids have been getting some extra Netflix time which they aren’t complaining about.

Here is a poor phone-quality, pajama/gym clothes baby bump picture. Next time I’ll break out the real camera and real clothes. In a location I’m not hurrying to get a bump selfie in before someone glances my direction…

Cravings: Sadly, the Cadbury Eggs have sold out of our grocery stores. Sad for me, probably what’s best for my overall well-being though. Sugar has by far been my biggest craving this pregnancy. Any form. Any type. I want it all. Dan and I are attempting a sugar-free May next month, so I’m sure I’ll find something new to replace this vice with.

Weight Gain: I have gained a lot of weight – I always do. With Micah and Sophia I gained around 50 lbs, and I am already almost there with this baby. The doctor has made some comments about my weight gain, but they have stopped recently. I mean, I have eaten my fair share of Cadbury Eggs this time around. (I really need to plan my pregnancies better so Easter candy is not available to me.)

This whole pregnancy I have been way more active than my last two, trying to go to the gym at least 3x/week. Lately though, I have been feeling so many Braxton Hicks contractions while working out.. I just take it as a sign to lower the intensity and go home and eat more candy. Not really, but it’s usually what happens.

What I’m Excited About: Right now the thing that excites me most is seeing Sophia with other babies. She is only 19 months, but has such a sweet and tender heart towards infants. Especially baby girls. We’ll see if this carries over when the baby and her share a room, the baby never leaves, they end up sharing clothes, etc. I am so excited to see a sisterhood blossom though! I’m excited for Micah too, although he still tells me he wishes it was a boy… one of his most consistent bedtime prayers.

I still can’t believe that this baby is only 2 short months from making her appearance! I have most of what I need, and am just ready to snuggle a sweet fresh baby!



  1. Sarah

    April 30, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    I am so so so excited that you started a blog and also that your family continues to grow! You and Dan make the most beautiful children! John and I can’t wait for our first and in response to your comment to me, yes yes yes I hope that you and the babies can make your way to Florida. Hopefully though John and I will make our way to the East coast again at some point! I am 32 weeks on Thursday! We’re so close 🙂

  2. Amy

    April 30, 2017 at 5:39 pm


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