Bumpdate! – My Pregnancy at 35 Weeks

Man. What a rough couple of weeks since my last appointment. I have gained more weight than I would ever want to admit, decided that I should probably wear a pregnancy support belt FULL TIME, and have just become this bottomless (obviously not bottomless. I think it’s just going to my face) pit of hunger. Hopefully I’m just having twins that the doctor has never caught onto.

No. I don’t hope that. And I’m done complaining because I’m going to have a baby soon. In the next 4-6 weeks!! CRAZY. And, since I wrote this, I got weighed at the doctor’s office and actually haven’t gained any weight(?)… the scale at my gym is wrong I guess. Great marketing by them, though.

I was talking to Dan last night about how I still can’t believe we’re having a third baby. My best friend from high school is getting married in Cancun this weekend, and we were supposed to go, before we found out about the baby. I’m still so upset I’m not there and won’t get to see her get married, but(!) it is crazy to think that we were invited, planning on going, and then in that short window of time, got pregnant and our second daughter is almost here.

P.S. Congratulations CHAN!

So, obviously there are a lot of emotions tied up in this last 1-1.5 months of pregnancy. I am a headcase. And I have no cute baby bump picture. STILL. I’m so bad about getting my camera out for any reason other than my kids that are outside of my stomach.


We have a name, but we’re annoying and keeping it a secret! There aren’t many surprises left in life and I’m way too impatient to not find out the gender, so name it is. It is beautiful though, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

How I’m Feeling

See above. Other than creepily emotional, I’m tired, excited, and living on TUMS.

Anything Exciting

Today I had an appointment, then headed over to the hospital to fill out my pre-registration paperwork. It’s feeling so real. I got to tour the birth center, as this will be the first time I’m giving birth at this hospital! I’m so excited. The nurses were super friendly. The birth center is “outdated, but clean and we take really good care of you”. That’s what the nurse said. And it totally does have a 90’s vibe, but that’s in right now. So we’re good.

Also, some of my friends are taking me out to a little celebration dinner next Friday. I’m excited to get some time to celebrate this daughter of mine!


Sleep was not going well for me for most of my pregnancy.. insomnia, waking up to eat cereal (by the way I totally failed my attempt at a sugar free May on like day two), waking up to pee.. the list goes on. I have an essential oil diffuser on accident. I thought I was buying a humidifier for my daughter’s room and this tiny diffuser showed up. So I rolled with it. And recently, I moved it onto my nightstand.

I have been diffusing Lavender and Cedarwood and OH MY. It’s so good. The nights that I remember to turn it on, I sleep like a baby all through the night. I still don’t think it’s enough to convince my husband to buy a starter kit or anything like that, but it works for now. I’m hooked.


Is it just me or do kids get weird when they sense something big or new is about to happen? Sophia has never been a clingy girl, but she is constantly grabbing at my legs. Micah has reverted to baby talk. It’s like they can sense that the bulge in my belly is no longer just Easter candy and the baby will be here soon.

Sophia is too young to know if she’s excited or not, but she’s obsessed with babies. We took her to the zoo and rather than be excited about the animals, she was excited about all of the babies everywhere. Micah was way more excited for Sophia. I think he’s over it by now, especially since it’s another girl. I know they’ll both be so thrilled when she is here though.

Right now, I’m trying to get Sophia and Micah hooked on a similar show or movie so I can survive the first few days home with baby by turning on Netflix. No luck though. Their age gap seems so big right now…

I will gladly take any suggestions for keeping an 18 month old entertained! Having a baby and another child this young will be new territory for me!

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