My Baby Must-Haves (and how they’ve changed from baby 1 to baby 3)

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20 year old me, pregnant with my first baby, needed ALL THE BABY THINGS. Baby department stores were my heaven and I romanticized every little detail of our (non-existent) nursery. I got way more than I needed when I had my 3 baby showers, but of course I needed it all.

Because this is baby 3, I feel like I have a little more wisdom on what is worth buying/splurging on/returning to Target to buy myself a new sweater.

After paring down the list to my top 5 items, this is what I have come up with – I actually do use everything on this list every single day.

  1. Ergobaby Baby Carrier
    When I was pregnant with Micah, I knew that a baby carrier was something that I wanted, but I’m pretty sure I just wanted it because I thought it was cool. We bought an Ergo, and this thing ended up being my hands-down favorite piece of baby gear, ever. We still have the same one over 4 years later. This thing has been through the washing machine countless times, through about 12 airports, multiple hikes, and it’s still going strong.I used it all the time for Sophia too. Not so much for hikes (because who wants to hike with a 2 year old and a newborn), but for making sure my other child was surviving. Fussy newborn and hungry toddler? ERGO. Have to do a big grocery shopping trip? ERGO. Impromptu dance party? ERGO. (I have worn that carrier to multiple weddings and dance parties. Nobody is holding this mama back from boogie-ing.)

    People have tons of opinions on which baby carrier is the best, but I personally love the Ergobaby because of the ability to wear it on the front or back, how easy it is to put on, and how much better it is for the baby ergonomically. If you want to purchase your own Ergobaby, click here!
    Baby Must Haves - Ergobaby Carrier
    There’s me rocking a sleeping baby at my mom’s wedding photobooth. Most flattering pictures of my husband and I ever. I’m aware.

    Ergobaby Omni Carrier

  2. Jogging Stroller
    I know, i know what you’re thinking. “But, I never run, I hate jogging!” Trust me, a jogging stroller is worth every penny, and is going to do you so much better than the travel system that comes with your carseat, especially if you’re looking to save a little money and space in your garage.I ended up using an umbrella stroller all the time with Micah. We didn’t have a car, and we lived in California so it was actually enjoyable to walk everywhere. That’s why I’m not leaving stroller completely off of my list, like a lot of people might. Also, after Sophia was born, I started running. Dan is a runner too, so it made sense for us to upgrade our cheap umbrella stroller to a cheap jogging stroller. Dan takes our oldest on runs, and I use the jogger for walking around town and running (when I’m not pregnant).This time, we are upgrading to a double jogging stroller! With two kids under two, it is going to be a must have with this baby. I also plan on trying to get back in shape while my son is at preschool, so it will be perfect. You can buy adapters to connect your existing infant seat to a jogging stroller if you’re into that, and they work just as well as a travel system for pushing around a park, zoo or neighborhood. Even if you never decide that running is your thing, it is like wearing yoga pants to the grocery store. Nobody has to know you don’t actually work out.

  3. A Diaper Bag that looks like a Purse
    The excitement of being pregnant with my first led me into a baby department store frenzy.. I scanned everything “cute” and “baby-related” in an attempt to be the perfect first time mom! I ended up with a diaper bag that looked like it was designed for the baby to be carrying it. Every time I went to work, I was switching all of my personal belongings between bright and fuzzy diaper bag and my normal human purse.This time around, I have learned the diaper bag is for me to carry (sometimes Dan), and so it should be something I want to carry all of the time. Here are a few I am crushing on:
    Baby Must Haves - Ergobaby CarrierBaby Must Haves - Ergobaby Carrier
    (click on picture to take you to website) As you can tell, the diaper bags I want look NOTHING like diaper bags, and one of them isn’t even a diaper bag. Just a backpack! Be creative!

  4. Muslin Swaddle Blankets
    These blankets are perfection, They are cute, come in a million different patterns now thanks to Etsy, Instagram, Target, etc. and can be used as swaddle blankets, security blankets, burp cloths, changing pads in a pinch, ANYTHING. I’m obsessed. I got 4 at my baby shower with Micah and have collected them like a madwoman through my pregnancy/newborn phase with Sophia and plan on getting more with this baby.Sorry I don’t have more to say about these other than They ROCK.

  5. An Espresso Machine
    Do I really need to say more? This is actually on my baby registry this time and other than the jogging stroller, the one thing I’m reaaalllly hoping for. Seriously. The third time around, I’ve learned… caffeine is necessary.

That’s it! Besides the (hopefully) obvious stuff like diapers, feeding gear, a bed, etc. Your list is going to look way different depending on where you live, how many kids you do or don’t already have, your budget, and a million other factors. These are my must-haves (wants) that have/will make life with a newborn so much easier! What are your baby must-haves?






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