Meet Jordan

Welcome to the Insanity!

I’m Jordan, a SAHM (stay at home mom) and the “Sane at Home Mom” (but the sanity really depends on the day). 

I started this blog as an outlet for myself, but also as an outlet for you. The mom who feels like nobody understands where she’s coming from, there’s so much on her plate, and like these children will never learn another word besides “mama”. (It’s really cute the first 200x/day)

I’ve been there and I’m still there most days. I’m not here to pretend I’ve got it all figured out, because I don’t. And I probably won’t until my children have their own children and I can be the over-bearing grandmother I’ve always wanted to be…

Just kidding.

While you’re here, you can expect to find stories of my day to day, recipes, crafts, really cheap home DIY and more.

SAHM - Family of FOUR! - Sane at Home Mom - About Me |
This is my cute family.

(photographed by Samantha Short – click on the picture to see more of her work!)

I’ve been married to Dan for 5 years – he’s a physical therapist and studly marathon runner. Micah is 4, and Sophia is almost 2 (can we take a moment to appreciate her Blue Steel?)

We also have a third baby now (born in June; updated family picture coming soon..) named Elise and she rounds out our family so sweetly!

When I’m not chasing one of my cuties around, you can find me listening to podcasts, running, window shopping or re-starting the same load of laundry in the washer so it doesn’t smell like mold (for the third time).

I hope you enjoy my blog, and leave with full hearts, bellies and a little more hope for the day ahead.

You’re killin’ it mama,



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