39 Weeks! (and three days)

I have to admit, I am a little upset to be writing this post. As soon as I hit 38 weeks, I was ready to have this baby O U T. It’s now 10 days later, and I potentially have 18 days left before my doctor says the baby has to be outta there. I’m trying super hard to enjoy the last little moments of feeling kicks, having only two children to keep alive, and enjoying the fact that all of my out of womb kids sleep through the night.

It’s hard though. My life feels like one big waiting game. I get bored and lonely. I don’t want to really go anywhere because I have about three shirts that cover my stomach at this point and they’re probably all in the laundry. My husband, family and friends have been great about inviting me to do things. Because honestly, if it were up to me, I’d be laying in bed playing Spider Solitaire all day until the baby come. That’s the best way to pass the time right?

I haven’t done a bump-date in a while. Nothing’s really changed until recently and due to my lack of an exciting life the last couple of weeks, I haven’t felt inspired to write anything. (Also, the new seasons of House of Cards and OITNB came out on Netflix in the same two weeks, so how is anyone supposed to get anything done?)

How is mom feeling?
READY. I don’t know what other word to use right here. I have been ready since about 37 weeks. Well.. ready in the sense of also being super nervous. Lately I don’t know how to handle the two kids I have (I blame exhaustion and lack of wanting to lay on the floor with them), let alone THREE. My friends gave me some good advice last night though. You just go from playing man-to-man defense, to zone. So we’ll see.
My doctor tells me that she thinks this baby will be small to medium. That’s what they told me with Micah too and he ended up being two ounces shy of ten pounds. So. We will see. I would not know what to do with a seven pound child. I didn’t even buy any newborn size clothes. I’m just that confident in my ability to only birth 9+ pound kids. The thought of having a small-ish baby makes me excited. But honestly, I love my chunky kids too. They’re so durable.
We have just about everything we need, and I have it on my to-do list to pack the hospital bags today. Childcare is in place, and the guest bedding is washed for family. Now it’s just a waiting game. The last weeks of pregnancy always seem as long as the first 9 months to me.
39 weeks pregnant - the homestretch of pregnancy - bumpdate | saneathomemom.com
How is dad feeling?

I think Dan is just feeling really excited. This is the first time we’ve been pregnant that he has had a job (he was in school when we got pregnant with the first two) so he hasn’t been as stressed this time around. He also gets to take time off(!) when she is born. With Micah he had to leave the hospital the morning after he was born, to go give a presentation the very next day. What a trooper.

He’s also been nesting way more than I have. Our backyard looks awesome thanks to him, and he’s in the middle of repairing our toilet. I need some of his energy.

Do you think you’ll go early or late?
All of me wants to be early at this point. I only have about 4 days for that to come true, and there are minimal signs of that happening yet.. I’ve tried the yoga ball, walking (as far as I can without having to turn back to the house and pee), eggplant parmesan (why is this a thing?), spicy food, scrubbing floors, etc. I won’t resort to castor oil yet, because of the negative side effects I’ve heard, but if I get close to 42 weeks, I just might.
So, I think I will probably be a few days late. My mom suggested a July 9 baby (thanks, mom), and Dan and I think somewhere around June 28-29 is probably realistic. We’ll see.
What has been your favorite part of this pregnancy?
Actually having a room to get ready for the baby! With Micah and Sophia, we were all crammed into one room in either my in-laws house, or my mom’s house. (Dan was in school and we were trying to save money). So in both instances, we had a crib at the foot of our bed and that was about it. This time around, it has been so fun to set up Sophia’s room to accommodate for the new baby. I realize this is such a materialistic thing to be really excited about, but it has been really fun and a good place to put my nesting energy (when I get any). 
What has been your least favorite part?
Heartburn. I have gone through three bottles of TUMS.. Except honestly, I kind of love TUMS because they are kind of like candy that make you feel better, not fat.
What are you looking forward to the most?
Besides the “free” hospital milkshakes? Just kidding. I’m excited to see what this girl looks like. To see Micah and Sophia’s reaction. To nurse, hold, love this baby. It’s amazing to me how much my heart grew when Micah was born, again with his sister, and I can’t wait for it to happen again. *cue sappy music*
Hopefully this is the last post I will do (for at least a couple of years) on my expanding waistline. Send me baby vibes and prayers for a smooth, healthy delivery!
39 weeks pregnant - the homestretch of pregnancy - bumpdate | saneathomemom.com

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  1. Kathy Sommers

    June 19, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Praying you have an easy and timely delivery! Have enjoyed your blog. Can’t believe I have not met your family yet. Will take care of that soon!! Best wishes you beautiful mommy!!! 💕💕

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