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The Best Cobb Salad Ever! (Easy Summer Dinner)

This recipe was adapted from Cravings by Chrissy Teigen (Buy it HERE! *affiliate link*) So I have talked before about how amazing this cookbook is. All of her recipes are FOOLPROOF (that I have tried anyways) and definitely crowdpleasers. Not to mention, she has a second cookbook coming out soon (preorder here!) and is hilarious on social media. Seriously, if…

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Getting Picky Kids to Eat

My five year old son is a super picky eater. He won’t eat eggs, most meats, bananas, melted cheese(?!) or any cooked vegetables. He does get a good mix of nutrients and proteins in his diet in other ways, but not without some struggle. I have heard all of the suggestions before on how to get him to eat. We…

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Choosing Yes

I recently read a book called 7 Women. It is a collection of biographies of seven women (you could have probably guessed..) who led extraordinary lives. The most famous women included were Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, and Joan of Arc. They all led extremely different lives in extremely different time periods, but there was a common thread that connected them…

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