Today Was a Bad Day

Today was a bad day.

Sophia, my 22 month old, has been fussing, screaming at bedtime, not her usual cheerful self for the past 3 days. It turns out she has gingivostomatitis- a fancy way to say her first cold sore outbreak. Mild news, but devastating to a toddler who loves to eat.

Elise is a joy. I love newborns. But she is my fussiest baby. She won't sleep unless she's being held and when I put her down I'm trying to keep my extremely contagious toddler away from her.

Micah just threw a glass of milk across the kitchen because I sent him to his room.

And I overreacted. He's in his room and I muttered some not so Christian words under my breath as he walked there.

Today was a bad day.

But there's still this evening. There's still tomorrow. There's still the weekend.

And His mercies are new each morning.

If motherhood has taught me one thing, it is the vastness and the awesomeness and the goodness of God's grace. No matter how loud I yell, or how much I cry, or how many frozen Kit Kats I try to eat in private, God throws His grace at me.

I am undeserving everyday of the love and grace I get, but so grateful for it. The perfect love and grace God offers is the only thing keeping me from locking myself in the bathroom all day sometimes. Haha.

The imperfect love of my husband and kids keeps me going as well. Because even when they're chucking milk at me or screaming or acting like banshees, they wake up the next day and give me the best good morning hugs.

Today was a bad day, but there's always tomorrow.

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  1. Sarah

    July 27, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    Hang in there momma! You do an amazing job and I have all the praise for you doing it all with three kids! Just like you said, tomorrow is a new day!

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